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Featured Listings Terms and Conditions

By reserving a single page website and an area page on Abbey Broadway directory the member will be entitled to exclusive use of the website and web page for the duration of the agreed membership period. No other trader will be permitted to register a featured listing with our service for the areas reserved by the current member whilst the membership remains active.

The website and area web page will remain exclusive to the member as long as the member pays the annual registration fee agreed between the member and Abbey Broadway at the beginning of each 12 month period. This membership fee is subject to change by Abbey Broadway giving notice to the member 2 months before the end of the current years membership period.

By registering and becoming a member of The Abbey Broadway Directory the member is entitled to trade as a member of Abbey Broadway and to use the name and logos where applicable of The Abbey Broadway Directory in all marketing whilst the membership remains active.

If a member cancels membership of Abbey Broadway at any time then the right to use ‘The Abbey Broadway Directory wording or logos is terminated.

By enquiring about registration or registering with our service you agree to these terms and conditions.