Making a Will in the UK in 2020 – A useful guide

Abbey Broadway making a will guide we’re dedicated to providing clear comprehensive information and advice for individuals needing care and their families in this blog we’re going to discuss writing a will although it’s not pleasant to think about the future in this way it’s really important that you have a will in place so what is the will and why do you need one a will is a legal document which clearly sets out how you would like your assets to be taken care of when you are gone. it’s also allows you to express your wishes regarding the care of children should you leave anyone behind who is dependent on you. If you don’t have a will you will die intestate this means that your assets will be divided using a legal calculation and you may not be able to provide as you’d like for your family. So how can you make a will There are two ways to make a will you can write a will yourself or enlist professional help from a solicitor who specialises in writing wills . You should review your wIll from time to time and small changes are permitted. Wills are difficult to change completely but you can write a new will to replace an old one should you wish. What is the cost of making a will ? A singular will (for one person) costs anywhere between 100 and 250 pounds when it is drawn up by a solicitor or a professional Will writer, a Joint will or (Mirror Will) is drawn up for both yourself and another person in partnership usually a spouse costs anywhere between 200 pounds and 350 pounds…… if you don’t choose to enlist the help of the solicitor How do you make a will yourself ? To write a will yourself all you need to do is write down your wishes and get someone to witness the document for you this person must not be a beneficiary of the will and must not be related to a beneficiary of the will. Will writing kits are available but these should always be purchased from a reputable source you should only write a will yourself if your wishes are very basic and your financial situation is simple For anyone who is worried about inheritance tax or who possesses multiple assets is always best to get professional help if you choose not to write the will yourself you’ll need a will writing service. WIll writing services are available from large firms and individuals alike some solicitors are office based while some will come to your home to discuss your wishes with you and take your instructions. you can find a list of reputable will writers in our specialists directory it’s important to remember that even if you are relatively young and are in good health if you have any assets are married or have children it is incredibly important to write a will now to ensure that they are protected and provided for in the future if you need additional support or would like to learn more about making a will you can find further information here on our website For More Info Click Here

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