Cleanertime Janitorial Supplies

Cleanertime is a supplier of janitorial goods and cleaning products in the Manchester area and throughout the North West

Cleanertime Janitorial Supplies

Based in Manchester, Cleanertime Janitorial Supplies is an online supplier via Amazon of high quality janitorial products. We offer supplies for a number of cleaning environments and tasks across different industries. From cleaning products for bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning as well as for use in clinical areas we’ve got your supplies covered for janitorial equipment and materials.

Bathroom Janitorial Supplies Manchester
For cleaning in bathrooms, we have some excellent product options to ensure excellent cleaning and to save you money. Our bleaches and disinfectants are fast performing and very effective. With a range of different scents available as well, you can leave your bathrooms fresh and clean. This range of fluids includes pine, floral, lemon and lime scents. With a great selection of hand soaps for your bathroom supplies, you can offer high quality soaps to those using your facilities at wholesale prices. We’ve luxury hand soaps recognised brands such as Astonish, again in a selection of different scents.
To save on paper products, we offer not only great value hand towels and tissues for bathroom use, but also single sheet dispensers, reducing your waste and saving you money.
Commercial Cleaning Supplies for Kitchens
Ensuring the best quality of cleaning in Kitchens is crucial. With our effective range of products you can guarantee the necessary level of disinfection with fast acting materials. Our anti bacterial spray is tested to meet BS EN 1276 and gets to work quickly, effective against 99.9% of bacteria. With a collection of coloured bottles available, these are a great addition to a colour coded cleaning procedure.
For cleaning crockery and kitchen utensils, we have a variety of different goods. Our collection includes sponges and scourers, as well as cloths and cleaning detergents. Our dishwasher salt is a great addition for those in hard water areas. With black bin bags and a range of bins, including hygienic pedal bins to allow staff to keep hands free when operating, we’ve also got a great choice of products for waste management.
General Janitorial Supplies Manchester
Along with the more specialised products for bathrooms and kitchens, we also offer a broader selection of typical janitorial products for more general use. This includes mops and buckets in a variety of different sizes and options. Our large mop buckets have their own wheels for manoeuvrability.
We also specialise in providing products which are colour coded. This means it’s easier to keep track of what cleaning products are used in what area and for which tasks. By separating materials by colour within your cleaning range, you can guard against infection and cross contamination.

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