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We offer exclusive advertising coverage on our site by District Postcode.

We are not a panel ! – You simply pay for the area’s you wish and the leads come straight to you.

You will benefit from a personal page assigned to your selected postcode for as little as £18 per year (per postcode district) to have exclusive adverting on The Property Services Directory

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing….. You pay for your advertising upfront and that is it.

We charge an annual fee of £18.00 per district code – This is the first part of the postcode, so if the postcode is ‘WF5 8EX’ the district code would be ‘WF5’

We wanted a fair price, that just one converted lead would cover the cost for that area.

Yes. Unless you give us 30 days notice to cancel at anytime. You will be contacted at the end of 11 months to confirm and secure your area for the the following year.

The success of this directory via various social media platforms and offline promotions is the driving motivator for you the client

Everyone would like promises and commitments about how much work they will get but we are honest and the simple fact is, with any advertising there is a risk and you may get nothing, you may get a little or you may get a lot.We can offer a bespoke marketing plan to suit your requirements

Increase: You can increase at anytime assuming the area is available but each district code you purchase will run for 12 months from when they are purchased.
Decrease: If you no longer wish to cover an area then you can let us know and we can see if someone locally wishes to take it over. However due to our marketing efforts we do not offer a refund on any remaining time.

We offer Exclusivity for our paid members, therefore competitors can not place bids for that area 

if you wish to check the availability of a district code then please email:

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