Hello I’m the spokesperson for Abbey Broadway Property services directory this short blog is designed to give you an idea what an Energy Performance Certificate (Epc) survey entails what an energy assessor will be  looking for and what you can expect when you ask an assessor to produce your certificate.

A typical survey will take about 30 to 40 minutes and the goal of this BLOG is to give you a brief outline of what survey covers.

Firstly the energy assessor will look at the property from the outside this will tell them its type such as detached or semi-detached and establish its age and its construction type

Once inside room space is evaluated as well as water heating systems and how they are controlled.

Also checked are the insulation in the loft and if appropriate and the walls and floor measurements are taken to  calculate the area and the volume of the house.

It is necessary to identify the age of any double glazing and measure any rooms in the roof for extension separately and also establish their build date, counting low energy bulbs and all the fixed outlets is also required.
Notes are taken off any conservatory type and it’s a connection to the house if there’s any walls with different construction to the main property if there’s any fireplaces air-conditioning or renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind.

Throughout the survey the assessor shall also be taking photos of various items but this is purely for their own records and auditing purposes.

Once the survey is complete  the report Is processed and lodge with landmark a national epc register and the report is usually emailed  it to  the client within 24 – 48 hrs hours I hope this has been of interest to you if you want to get in touch with a local epc energy performance certificate provider go to https://www.abbeybroadway.com all my details are on our website many thanks for reading