Conveyancing – what is it and how does it work?

Conveyancing – what is it and how does it work?

Looking to get a conveyancing quote then you need a property lawyer or a Licensed Conveyancer who  specialises in property work this is about the residential conveyancing transaction when you buy and sell your property

so what do conveyancing solicitors do ?

they act on your behalf whether you’re buying or selling properties your main house to ensure that it is sold correctly and you have purchased what you think you’re buying

What are pre-contract searches

there are various number of searches we make they’re there to protect your purchase of the property we make a local authority search to ensure that planning permissions have been granted for any extensions that you’ve seen on the property we do drainage searches to make sure that the property is connected to the mains we do environmental searches to make sure there’s nothing unpleasant in the immediate neighbourhood of the property and more important nowadays whether you’re in a flood protection area and we also do a Chancel check search to ensure that you’re not responsible for repairing the local chancel

Are pre contract enquiries different ?

the current procedure is that the seller prepares a form of pre contract inquiries the object of the exercise from both sides is for them to make a full disclosure of matters affecting the property and our job is to ensure that those disclosures are correct and any additional inquires that you want us to raise we will make those on your behalf in addition a seller will prepare a list of fixtures and fittings they will have gone around their house and there’s a tick box form they will tick the items that they are willing to sell if there are any additional ones they will put a suggested price against those items anything that is not included will be removed from the property before completion so you need to check that you are buying what you intend to buy.

What is a report of Title ?

the report on title is prepared by us once we have received the result of all our searches we will send to you a copy of the contract the list of fixtures and fittings we will point out to you any matters in the title that causes concern such as do you have rights of access to the property and if we are satisfied and you are also satisfied we would invite you to sign the contract.

What will my Solicitor do in respect of the Contract of Sale ?

the seller solicitors will prepare the contract to sale we will check it to make sure that the correct property is being sold it has been learned that wrong properties have been sold and that is the document that you will sign on exchange of contracts and pay a 10% deposit and that secures the purchase of the property on exchange of contracts you have a legal commitment to buy that property the 10% deposit is paid though sometimes that is reduced to 5% you are responsible for insuring the property.

What happens on completion ?

and finally we agree a completion date which will be tied into when the mortgage advance will be paid as well that completion we will have anticipated the completion date by requesting monies from the Building Society from whom you’re borrowing money we will send that on to the sellers solicitors and the property is then yours and the keys are released.

Is there anything my solicitors needs to do after completion ?

after completion we are responsible for paying Stamp Duty Land Tax and registering the transfer and any mortgage at the Land registry

What about D I Y conveyancing ?

I would say no, conveyancing is complex you need specialists to investigate the various searches and the documentation I would not recommend anybody to do their own conveyancing.
What about Call centre and Factory Conveyancing ?
the problem with factory conveyances is that they are located away from the area where the property is being bought and sold and will not have the benefit of local knowledge.Cheapest is not always the best

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