is the legal process you have to go through when you’re buying a property it begins when your offers accepted and finishes when you get the key to your new home it’s complicated and there are strict steps to follow so you’ll need to get a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to carry out the work for you.

it’ll be their job to make all the necessary checks on the home you’re buying to ensure that everything is in order and there aren’t any problems they’ll carry out searches on the proxy and local area to find out about issues such as flood risk and planned developments

They’ll also want documents from your seller solicitor such as certificates proving that any work that’s been done to the property meets building and planning regulations things can go a bit quiet while these checks are being carried out but don’t worry it’s all just a normal part of the process.

Organizing a regular catch up with your solicitor should help keep you in the loop and make sure things are moving forward once all of your solicitors questions have been answered it’s time to check over the contract.

The contract

will cover all the important aspects of the sale so it’s vital that you read it carefully and ask your solicitor about anything you’re unsure of it should confirm the sale price of the property and any other items included in the sale such as appliances or furniture.

Date of completion

The contract  will also confirm the date of completion when the property will officially become yours once everyone’s happy with the contract and both you and the seller signed your copy you’ll be ready for the exchange of contracts.

This is the moment when the sale becomes legally binding at this point you’ll have to pay an exchange fee to product usually 10% of the price of the property on completion day which generally happens between one and four weeks after exchange.

Your solicitor will send the rest of the money to your seller solicitor this includes any cash deposit your pain plus your mortgage if you’re taking one out once your seller solicitor has received the money the seller gives the keys to the estate agent and you’ll be free to collect them and move into your brand-new home you can learn more about components and get an instant online quotes at which code at UK forward slash conveyancing

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