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Cover The Cost Of Your Funeral With Regular Payment Instalments – From Only £4.54 Per Week. No Health Checks – Guaranteed Approval For All Scotland Residents – Get Your Free Quote Today. Freeze Funeral Costs. All  Postcode Areas Accepted. Quick & Easy. Free No Obligation Quotes

Freeze the cost of funeral expenses in Scotland at today’s prices & protect your loved ones from rising funeral costs


Take Advantage Of Our Funeral Plan Comparison Service

With access to a wide range of popular UK funeral plans, Golden Charter, Safe Hands to name a couple we can help you find a plan that suits you at the lowest monthly premium.

Beat Rising Funeral Costs in Scotland

The average funeral cost has risen by over 100% since 2004†. Protect against future high prices by securing your ideal funeral plan at today's low cost rates.

Compare UK's Leading Plans

We compare the funeral plan provider market so you can find your perfect funeral cover plan. Use our free comparison service to find quotes from the UK's leading providers.

Financial Help For Your Family

Don't leave your loved ones behind with the set back of paying for your funeral. The pre-paid plan will guarantee a cash lump sum when you are gone.

Why Pre-pay For Your Funeral?

Funeral Costs Covered in Scotland

Ultimately taking out a funeral plan means that your family only need to be involved with funeral arrangement and not with administration or finances. The costs of your funeral are already covered.

Save Money

According to the latest SunLife industry report"the cost of a basic funeral funeral has risen for the 14th year in a row". By taking out a funeral plan today, your funeral will still be covered in the future and there won't be anything extra to pay even though the cost of a funeral will have increased by then.

Peace Of Mind

Rest assured that your loved ones will not be left behind with financial worries for your funeral. At the time of mourning and supporting each other, money should not be an issue.

Special Offer
We are currently offering up to £100 Cashback on plans ordered on this website

Payments of Cashback

To qualify for our cashback offer the funeral plan must be purchased through our “weblink” and you must be in receipt of a unique Abbey Broadway reference number at the time of purchase. If a plan is purchased in full, cashback will be paid once the 30 days Cooling Off period has passed
For other payment methods:
Cashback will be paid once the plan has been in force for 12 months and all the payments must be up to date.
Cashback is paid in the form of a bank transfer or a cheque made out to the name of the plan holder

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Compare Affordable Prepaid Funeral Plan Providers & Quotes in Scotland

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