Buying a property is one of the largest financial commitments you are likely to make during your lifetime so choosing the right survey and surveyors will help to ensure you are aware of the condition of a property before you commit to the process of buying it.

mark Fife a fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors heads up an experienced team of qualified surveyors and support staff also qualified to our RICS standards their training and credentials are supported by their experience and in-depth local knowledge technology plays an important role in our everyday activities and keeps us at the forefront of our market and enables us to carry out work across the whole of the Northeast.

We carry out a range of professional surveys for a wide range of clients, we are looking at the our RICS home buyers report if you have some cracking in the plaster work – significant cracks here and it looks like someone’s attempt to try and fill this in recently bullet reopened suggesting that the salon going issues it’s pointing in this direction here where the floors obviously dropped and caused the the plaster work to look to crack.

when I first came to look at this property a view from the outside it obviously rings alarm bells straight away and clearly it’s family to enter the building which is not ideal it’s chopped too close and she’ll cause problems with tablets internally immediately removed I certainly trimmed back on tedius work then he we’ve got some woodworm it’s obviously affected the the slaughter point where structural integrity of the Timbers being compromised it’ll need to be cut out replaced and the surrounding timber trade it should be borne in mind that all surveys can have limitations so there are times that we only have access to specific parts of a building you can see there’s a vertical crack here where this that loft shot joins the main building there’s been some movement between this enough which is caused it to sort of Park company a little bit it’s not significant but you can see there’s a lot of cracking in the in the render roundabout water I’ll just get in there luck like a sponge that’ll cause the internal dump penetration inside this needs to come off and be rear-ended the crack doesn’t go down the ground-level it’s fairly uniform it’s been weathered which indicate that all so nothing to really worry about from the movement point of view but the render needs to be replaced this area obviously we can’t see the floor because of the underlay but if we head towards the corner with the see the gap in the floor board and the skirting boards would suggest that could be a problem so a little bit further that the damping I don’t see what’s happening so we using the W no we just check the moisture coming in the warning precedes one of the red zone mail to the kids we can see the government in between the floor board and the skirting board University significant this undulation to meet the surface of the pyramid indicates or some reference to compare the differences in the types of survey the dampened timber problems we have just seen would be reported upon in a home condition report as an issue with damp timber and refer to a specialist the homebuyers report would in addition to similar identification go into more detail on the defect and guide and advise on remedial works the building survey in addition to identification and advice would also expand on possible further implications and hidden defects experience tells us what to look for where to look for it and how to report it with a combined total of over 70 years experience working in the local market we are best placed to fulfill your property needs throughout the UK

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