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“If You’re Considering Selling Your Property for Cash, You Need Honesty, Efficiency & a Genuine Offer!”

Welcome to a Fast Growing Network of Registered Cash Property Buyers.

We are not Estate Agents and do not charge you fees to sell your home. We simply refer you to property buyers throughout the UK and in particular The Greater Manchester area who can quickly make you a cash property offer. Subject to a sucessful purchase we may be paid a referral fee by the property buyer

We hope our legal team may be of assistance if you are looking for a quick cash house sale in the Leeds area through our network of professionally regulated and accredited independent partners, experts in their chosen field

If you are serious about getting the highest cash offer for your house and completing quickly, especially in today’s market, you have come to the right place. Each year, the associates of Abbey Broadway help thousands of sellers sell their properties fast for cash and move on with their lives. Here are the benefits:

  • You can sell for any purpose .
  • We pay your solicitor’s fees
  • You save on estate agency fees.
  • We can stop repossession at any time.
  • There is no need to decorate or refurbish your property
  • Receive an offer after just one viewing.
  • Complete within 28 days or on a date that suits you.
  • Your sale is totally confidential.

Although most people are familiar with selling a property through an estate agent, making a decision to sell for cash could be a bit daunting. With Abbey Broadway, you can sell with total confidence. We represent some of the most experienced cash investors in the industry who are registered to conform to our standards and ethical guidelines.

These include:

  • being honest about the cash offer that is necessarily below the market value.
  • giving you the highest possible offer that creates a win / win situation.
  • not disguising an offer with costly termsandhidden charges.
  • not charging you any fees including the valuation.
  • involving you in every step of the whole process.
  • completing on the date as agreed.
  • being flexible to accommodate your needs.


Request a PRELIMINARY OFFER now and we will match you with an associate cash buyer in your area immediately. Alternatively, you can call us on

08450 526 840

Don’t delay – Start selling your home Fast & for Free by contacting us – Phone: 0845 0526 840

As a property referral service provider we help deal with sales of both residential and commercial properties. You will find our Fast Property Referral service offering you a way of selling your property expense free with the minimum stress.


Reasons For Selling

The traditional method of selling your property is often a most lengthy and expensive process. However, there is a more realistic option that could turn your sale into cash quickly by selling to Fast Property Buyers through our Fast Property Referrals service.

Some homeowners are in distressed circumstances with a possible threat of repossession, divorce, separation or heavy debt. We can help find a referral solution that may enable you to sell your property quickly with the least hassle and stress.

It is a most difficult time for anyone experiencing Couple celebrating sale18XSmalla divorce or separation only to find the need to sell the house fast being the only option.

When moving abroad to begin a new life following a new career or just experiencing bad neighbours you may want to sell or move home as soon as you can.

With no need to use Estate Agents or become involved with viewings and protracted negotiations, Fast Property Referrals will enable you to sell your house in Greater Manchester for cash fast

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